My Life in Review: Have I been Lucky or What?

Patrons of this Book

Much of the impetus for the publication of Dr. Crandall's memoirs has come from the overwhelming response to the Newsletter, Remembering Dr. Crandall, published in December, 1995 The Publisher would like to recognize the following friends and family of Dr. Crandall who wrote or called to encourage the publication of this book.

J. Hank Ambrose

William G. Andrews

Dot Bandemer

Jeanette D'Agostino Banker

Erna Bowman

Albert Brown

Marguerite Browne

Linda Cabrera

Jill Crandall

Wayne Dedman

Orlo Derby

Geri Dobbin

Mary Duryea

Malcolm Frisbie

Molly Crandall Frisbie

Rev. D. Gregory Van Duessen

Kathryn Dunlap

Herb and Alicia Fink

Leticia Fricker

Philip Gerber

Jaime Greene

Sandy Hammer

Linda Hatch

Ron Herlon

James Horn

Harold Hume

John Kramer

Kathleen Kutolowski

W. Bruce Leslie

Ann Luce

Gene Lukos

Robert J. McLean

Rev. Bernardo Monserrat

Ervina Nix

Patricia O'Brien

Robert J. Potter

Jacqueline Bailey Rojas

Robert J. Smith

Oliver Spaulding

Rev. Thomas Sweet

Richard Turner

Harlon Tuthill

John Watson

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