My Life in Review: Have I been Lucky or What?

Special Thanks

This book was a comfortable collaboration between two generations, a persevering partnership that began almost three decades ago which has resulted in a memorable monument to a man who communicated so much, so well, to so many.

Following are friends and family of Dr. Crandall who made this book possible:

To Jill Crandall, for permission to publish her husband's memoirs, for providing photographs from the Crandall family album, and for her encouragement and indispensable advice and to her daughters, Molly Frisbie of Richmond, KY and Ann Luce of Jamestown, NY, for their encouragement and for their graciousness in providing special assistance in editing and proofreading this book.

To Albert Brown, President Emeritus, State University College of NY, Thomas A. Sweet, Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Jamestown, NY and D. Gregory Van Dussen, Pastor at the First United Methodist Church at Albion, NY for their tributes from the Memorial Service on July 6, 1995.

At Brockport to Herb Fink, Professor of Psychology for his assistance in contacting colleagues of Dr. Crandall, Dot Bandemer for providing copies of Dr. Crandall's speeches, Ervina Nix of Alumni Affairs for contacting PC/CDP alumni and to Jim Horn, Professor of History for permission to use his poem read at Dr. Crandall's retirement dinner in 1985.

To Wayne Dedman, Harold Hume, and Harlan Tuthill for sharing memories of Dr. Crandall.

To Sunday June Pickens, for her support.

I passionately pray the priceless precepts, praiseworthy principles and persuasive perspectives provided by our peerless professor's pungent prose prove as personally pertinent and profoundly propitious to past pupils, present patrons and prospective partisans of our prodigious pedagogue, Dr. Crandall, as they have to this privileged proselyte of this publishing project's printed pages.  - Hugh Pickens

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