Bendix Radio presents more "Buy Now" reasons than you ever saw before

Look Magazine - March 1, 1949

You've seen radio bargains before - but none like these completely new, AM-FM radio-phonographs. No scrimping, here, on quality or features to meet a price. Instead a generous extra measure of all you value most. A single arm dual-speed record changer playing standard and long-playing microgrove records automatically on most models. Long range AM-FM radio to bring in programs you're missing. Heirlom-quality cabinets. True-life, "Front Row" performance. Yet present prices are well below comparable sets because no middleman stands between Bendix Radio and its dealers. Wholesaling costs are cut and you get the savings. See your newspaper for the select dealers offering these "limited editions" - built by the foremost source of aviation radio and radar - at these amazing "buy now" prices.

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