DataLynx Satellite Command, Control And Communications Network To Capitalize On Rapidly Growing Industry

Business Wire; 06/18/98

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 18, 1998 -- AlliedSignal today announced a new satellite command, control and communications network, DataLynx(SM), to complement the company's skills in flight operations and telemetry data processing and form a new hardware/services offering.

DataLynx will consist of ground stations, operations centers and a dedicated communications infrastructure to provide satellite flight control and data management for commercial and government customers.

Among many potential customers are those with remote sensing needs, including the agriculture industry that uses satellite imagery to pinpoint optimum harvest locations, and those using scientific spacecraft for earth sciences studies. Remote sensing customers in mining, construction and forestry, and scientific customers at NASA, international space agencies and in academia need real-time satellite operations and data distribution at vastly increasing levels to bring a growing volume of imagery and information back to earth.

"Our proposition to customers is straight-forward and distinct," said Ivan Stern, president of AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation, the subsidiary that will operate DataLynx. "There's no need to make huge investments in capital and resources to build and operate satellite ground networks. DataLynx customers can outsource satellite operations and focus instead on providing end- user service to their customers. We bring reliable and low risk satellite asset management and flight operations and fast and dependable data transmission on a buy-by-the-use basis."

DataLynx will be fully operational by May 2000. The control center will be located in the Washington, D.C. area. The first autonomous ground tracking station in Fairbanks, Alaska will use AlliedSignal's proven Low Earth Orbiter Terminal (LEO-T) technology to receive data passes using minimal on-site personnel.

"LEO-Ts offer a tremendous amount of operational autonomy that translates into very competitive costs," said Stern. "These highly reliable systems reduce operations expense and cost for DataLynx customers."

AlliedSignal** Technical Services has been involved in the operation of more than 700 satellites, more than any other company. It has built and operated satellite ground systems worldwide since 1958. Today, nearly 2,500 AlliedSignal employees directly support civil, commercial and military  satellite operations.

"The DataLynx team is a proven source, with more than 40 years of experience and technical achievement as the world's premier provider of satellite services. Customers can refocus resources and leave satellite operations and data management to a team that's been doing it successfully for a long time," Stern said.

The "launch" customer for DataLynx is an earth-orbiting satellite called "NEMO" that will study earth surface features, particularly shallow water areas of the ocean. Imagery from NEMO will help with agriculture, forestry and environmental assessments of the impact of pollutants and natural phenomena along the coasts. It will help identify offshore oil and mineral deposits.

The U.S. Navy will use data and imagery from NEMO to chart undersea geography.

AlliedSignal Inc., the parent company of AlliedSignal Technical Services, is an advanced manufacturing company serving customers worldwide with aerospace and automotive products, chemicals, fibers, plastics and advanced materials.

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