A High Rate General Purpose Modulator for Ground-to-Space Communications Links

AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation (ATSC) has developed custom BPSK/QPSK modulators at S, X and Ku-Band frequencies in support of various NASA programs since 1986. Several QPSK/BPSK modulators developed by ATSC currently support a 300 Mb/s Ku-Band NASA Tracking Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) communications link from Antarctica.

The QPSK / BPSK modulator series is a low cost general purpose modulator which can support various Ground to Satellite communications links. AlliedSignals unique modulator design eliminates the need for costly upconverters in the transmit path by performing PSK modulation at the desired RF transmit frequency. Control of the BPSK/QPSK modulator series is available from a front panel keypad or by remote control via a IEEE-488 or RS-232C rear panel interface. The flexibility of adding individual Spread Spectrum modulation codes allow the QPSK/BPSK modulator series to be useful in high interference / or secure communication applications.

The High Rate Modulators include the following features:

To provide a flexible modulator, the following options are available:

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