TASS Team arrives, Installs Security System

by Capt. Jim Katrenak, TASS Team Project Manager

Many have seen them recently - a group of rugged-looking men wearing "modified" DCU's. Upon closer inspection, people will see "TEAM TASS" in place of the usual U.S. Air Force tape, along with a large TEAM TASS shoulder patch.

What many people may not know, however, is that these civilian contractors are making a significant impact on Force Protection capabilities at PSAB with the installation of TASS.

TASS - Tactical Automated Security System - is a deployable, easily transportable and quickly relocatable integrated electronic security system that can be tailored for a wide variety of semi-permanent, portable and covert applications.

TASS allows the security forces at PSAB to use the electromagnetic spectrum to detect intruders through the use of both microwave and infrared sensors. Once the system detects a possible intruder, security forces can assess the threat through a wide range of fixed, vehicle-mounted, and hand held thermal imagers and video cameras.

Originally conceived to enhance security of bare-bass flightlines, TASS was thrust into the role of force protection after Khobar Towers. Considered an "urgent and compelling need" by the Air Staff, the contract for TASS was awarded to TRW in only three days, virtually unheard f in systems acquisition.

Spearheading this program effort is the Security Systems Product Group of the Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom AFB, Mass. Although the current contract concentrates on force protection in the AOR, future contracts promise to deploy TASS to Air Force installations worldwide.

Jim Norman, TRW's TASS program manager, arrived at PSAB recently, bringing with him a crew of highly trained and motivated technicians ready to tackle the TASS installation at PSAB.

"In addition to installing and testing the system, TRW and subcontractor AlliedSignal will provide training to the 4404th Security Police Squadron personnel who will operate and maintain it," he said. "Team TASS completed successful installations at Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base and Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. PSAB's portion is on a much greater scale with more equipment to be installed than those two bases combined."

"PSAB support of this program has been nothing less than outstanding," said CMSgt. Ronald C. Sliga of the Security Systems Product Group. "Team TASS has received great support from the security police, civil engineers, PERSCO, traffic management office, communication section, the ops group...the list goes on and on. I can't say enough about the 'can do' attitude I've experienced except to say, 'Thank you'"

"The successful completion of this force protection program will enhance security, contributing greatly to the accomplishment of the PSAB mission."

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