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These are my links to family and friends, people I've known and places I've been, paths I have followed-bridges I've burned, choices I've made and lessons I've learned.

	  Hometown Hometown
I grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma.
My High
	  School Graduating Class Class of '67
My High School Graduation Class.
	  School Classmates Classmates - 1
Two of my high school classmates.
	  Link College Link - 1
I studied physics at Brockport, NY.
College Mentor Mentor
A teacher who changed my life.
A College Buddy College Buddy
...from Brockport's PC/CDP.
Peace Corps PC/CDP
Three years in the peace corps teaching physics in South America.
A book I edited and published A book
I edited and published.
The City that Reads Charm City - 1
- one of America's best kept secrets.
My Wife's Profile My Wife's Profile
A profile of my wife published last year.
My Wife's Work Her Work
My wife and her work.
My Parent's Anniversary Anniversary
My parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
My Sister's Featherweight Page Featherweights
My sister's singer sewing machine page.
My Son's Artwork Danny's Art
One my son's computer art pieces.
My Son-in-Law's Ornithology Page Ornithology
My Son-in-Law's Peruvian Seabird Page.
AHoliday Pert Chart Holiday Pert
Plan to enjoy your Christmas Holiday.
An Experiment in Autobiography Virtual Biography
A modified Turing Test.
Inspriation Inspiration
from science, engineering, computers, psychology, literature, books and music.
Company Info Company
Where I work, our engineering group, and what we look for in an engineer.
Customers Customers
Our Customers - the most important people to our company
Projects Projects
Some of my group's recent engineering projects.
Tools Tools
Tools and techniques we have developed to work faster and smarter.
capabilities Capabilities
Our engineering group's capabilities.
Performance Performance
Profiles in Program Execution.

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