A System for Managing Daily Information Overload

The flurry of faxes, buzzing of pagers, ringing of cellular phones and daily flood of e-mail are having a profound impact on the amount of time we have to acquire information, make decisions and take action.

Recent surveys show that the average office worker is bombarded by over 200 e-mail's, faxes, and phone calls every day.

When all you are doing is responding to the constant interruptions of the outside world, when do you have time left to think?

We have developed a system for managing daily information overload. It is a system which allows e-mails and attachments, faxes in and out, phone calls, action items, meetings and personal contacts to be input into a linked set of databases where they can be classified, sorted, archived and selected so that routine daily interrupts are taken care of systematically leaving time to look at the big picture and manage by exception.

Our system has been used for the past five years and has evolved to the point where a typical system can handle about 25,000 interupts/user-year. It can be customized by each user to meet his particular information processing requirements.

It requires a bit of discipline to get started on the system. But as information accumulates, it will free you from the tyranny of remembering a million different details so that you can use your productive hours on the higher level task of collating information to come up with new insights.

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