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Here are some ideas, processes, tools and techniques we have discovered to help us work smarter and faster.

The best way to have good ideas is to have lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away. Creativity
Twenty Rules of Thumb.
Yogi Berra Yogi Berra
The management wisdom of a great motivator of teams.
Organizing Genius Great Groups
Life in Great Groups is different from much of real life. It's better.
Are you frazzled by faxes and flooded by 
	e-mails? Info Overload
A method to process e-mails and phone calls.
Do you remember spagetti code? Try spagetti PERT. Structured PM
Project Management by top-down decomposition
The Art of the Long View. The Future - 1
Using scenario analysis to create potential futures.
Did you know that the expression 'skunkworks' came from the cartoon L'il Abner?. .Skunkworks
How a project team can achieve extraordinary results
Customize the information you receive. Business Info
Good sources of business information.
Watch what the people who are running the business 
	are doing. Insider Trading - 1
A valuable input for stock picking.
The Fourth Turning 4th Turning - 1 - 2 - 3
The generational cycles of America history.
Simulations can now be run on a desktop. Business Simulation
A tool for analyzing business scenarios.
Understanding People using Meyers-Briggs. People - 1
Using Meyers-Briggs to understand personality types
There is nothing worse than losing a good idea. Inspiration
A way to keep from losing your best ideas.
Using Systems Engineering to manage complexity. Complex Systems
Coping with complexity through systems engineering.
I, Cringely I, Cringely
Insider's views of the computer business.
Bibliomania Bibliomania - 1
Thomas Jefferson once said he suffered from bibliomania. This may be the cure.
Dyslexia - a form of visual thinking. Visual Thinking - 1
Some of the most brilliant analysts think directly in symbols.
Challenging an assumption can turn obstacles into opportunities. Think Different
Profiles of creative expression.

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