ATSC builds Ground System and Satellite Control Center for Republic of China

AlliedSignal Technical Services Cooperation was the prime contractor for design and implementation of the Ground Segment for the Republic of China. The ROCSAT Ground System (RGS) has two major goals: building the basic infrastructure of the ground segment and assuring the mission's success. It consists of the Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) stations, the Ground Communications Network, the Mission Operations Center, the Mission Control Center, the Science Control Center, and the Flight Dynamics Facility.

ATSC's Tasks involved include system analysis, requirements definition, software design and implementation, and system integration and testing. Also included in the contract is the training of Operations and Maintenance team, made up of personnel from NSPO and domestic industries.

The development of the RGS system requires the use of open system architecture with modular design and it must be easily modifiable to serve future missions, i.e., ROCSAT-2 and ROCSAT-3 in order to achieve its long range goal. The transfer of technologies through the participation of domestic industries and the academia will enhance local industry capabilities in the areas of large-system development as well as mission operations and maintenance.

Telemetry, Tracking and Command Station

The two Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) stations provide the RF links between the RGS and satellites. The capabilities of TT&C are telemetry reception, satellite tracking and command transmission. TT&C consists of Front End Processors, RF equipment, baseband equipment and antenna drive and control circuits.

There are two stations in the mission located at north and south of Taiwan, respectively. In normal operation, TT&C is controlled by Mission Operations Center (MOC) located in Hsinchu via the T1 trunks. In any emergency, the operation personnel can reside in the stations and TT&C will perform the same functions as the MOC.

Quest for Excellence
This is the Team that represented the ROCSAT Program and won the Customer Award in ATSC's Quest for Excellence on February 19, 1999. The ROCSAT Team was one of the two top placing teams and will be going on to represent ATSC at MSS.

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