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Some of the projects that our engineering group has recently executed.

The TDRS Ground Terminal in Canberra, Australia that closed the ZOE - the zone of exclusion.
NOAA Fairbanks Antennas
	  Upgrade Fairbanks
Three 13-meter autonomous antennas in Fairbanks, Alaska to track NOAA's Polar weather satellites.
McMurdo MTRS - 1
An Antarctic TDRS ground terminal at McMurdo to relay science data.
FUSE Fuse - 1 - 2
A LeoT autonomous ground station in Puerto Rico to support the FUSE spacecraft.
ROCSAT Ground System ROCSAT - 1
A satellite control center for the Republic of China's first LEO satellite.
Landsat 7 Ground Station Landsat
The next generation Landsat Ground Station in Sioux Falls, SD.
Guam GRGT - 1 - 2
Building on the success of GRTS, another TDRS ground station in Guam.
NOAA Meteosat
	  Upgrade Meteosat
The upgrade to NOAA Wallops to support Meteosat spacecraft.
LeoT LeoT - 1
A fully autonomous ground terminal to support LEO spacecraft.
X-Band Acquisition Aid X-Band Acq Aid
A monopole feed for acquiring Deep Space Missions.
Spacecraft Transceivers S/C Transceivers
Digital transceivers for FAISAT spacecraft.
South Pole
	  Redevelopment South Pole - 1
Com equipment for NSF's new South Pole Station.
Microwave Holography MW Holography
Measuring and correcting aberrations in large satellite antennas.
Tactical Automated Security Systems (Tass) TASS
Tactical Security Systems at bases in the Middle East.
Rate Modulators High Rate Mods
High Rate BPSK/QPSK modulators for S, X and Ku-Band frequencies.
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South Pole TDRS Ground
	  Station South Pole TDRS - 1
A TDRS Ground Terminal at the South Pole.
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