ATSC engineers assist in South Pole Redevelopment Study

Based on our experience in the successful implementation of the McMurdo TDRS Ground Terminal, ATSC was issued a contract on November 5, 1995 from Ferraro and Choi on behalf of the National Science Foundation to support the South Pole Redevelopment.

ATSC is currently actively involved with the Preliminary Design of the Electronics Systems for the new South Pole Station. Systems include satellite communications and ground networks, central services such as telephone systems and networked systems, terrestrial communications systems such as HF and Aircraft radios, Meteorological systems, and a station Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to allow operation from a centralized point in the new station.

Challenges facing the design team include the environment, station isolation, and providing a standards based approach to the design to ensure a planned twenty year lifetime for the station.

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