Peace Corps/College Degree Program

Grupo Tres - 1969/1970

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Names e-mail address
Jimmy Abernathy
J. Henry Ambrose e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Hank Works

Web Page: Hank's Professional Profile

Jacqueline Bailey-Rojas
Madeline Barry
David Bolluyt

and Linda Bolluyt

e-mail address:

e-mail address:

Web Page: Raccoon River Watershed Project

Web Page: Iowa Chemistry Education Alliance Staff

Web Page:  Bolluyt's Home Page - NUMAPS96

Web Page:  Linda Bolluyt teaching bio

Choy Bontrager
Terry Bontrager
Bette Bosch
Ted Brockett and Rhonda Brockett
Patricia Brophy-Leonard
Cynthia Burchfield
Edward Byde e-mail address:

Web Page:  Traficanti's Hillside Restaurant

James Chapman Phone only: 703-264-0374
Christina Condit e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Christina lives

Web Page: Where Christina ministers

Walter Daring

Web Page: Where Walter Works

Arthur Davidson e-mail address:

Web Page:  Where Arturo Works

Web Page: Arturo's Faculty Resume

Charles Davidson
Joyce Daza
Jeffrey Dektor and Jan Dektor
Gary Drimmer e-mail address:

Web Page: Candace's Web Page

Doreen Duff e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Doreen Works

Maureen Dundon De Puga e-mail address:

Web Page: Maureen's home in Cajamarca

Carl Duisberg

Web Page:  Alliance to Save Energy Cooperative Agreement

Web Page:  Moving Markets for Energy Efficiency

Web Page:  Emergency Medical Services

Web Page: Energy Efficiency and Policy

Darrell Flager
Faye Flores
Nancy Ganschow
James Greene e-mail address:

Web Page:  Jaime's Personal Page

Web Page:  Where Jaime lives

Julie Gustafson-Keers
Sandra Hammer-Snowe
Cynthia Harlow e-mail address:

Web Page:  Cynthia's Family Web Page

Web Page:  Where Cynthia Works

Linda Hatch
John Hutchinson
Keith Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Allen King and Cinde King
Joseph Knapp Jr. Web Page: Joe's Article on Early Cancer Detection

Web Page: Joe's Perspective on Managed Care

Web Page: Where Joe Works

Wallace Krawitzky

Web Page: Where Noel Works

David Larrimore Phone only: 607-776-9543
Beverly Mawn e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Beverly Teaches

Brent McCulloch
Linda McCullough-Cabrera
Jeanne McHale-Anderson
Charles McKinney Phone only: 913-272-2452
Bernardo Monserrat e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Bernardo ministers

Web Page: Bernardo's Speech to the Religious Science Assembly

Fred Mouncer confirmed deceased
Mary Neville
Ted Norton
Betty Norton
Patricia O'Brien Phone only: 508-281-3365
Bruce Odegaard
Robert Owens e-mail address:

Web Page:  Where Luisa teaches

Web Page:  Where Luisa teaches

James Patterson Web Page:  Jim's Ph.D. on Commutative Rings in 1979

Web Page:  Jim's Paper on Intelligent Fuzzy Controls in 1995

Web Page:  Jim's Paper on Factorization Algorithms in 1997

Hugh Pickens e-mail address:

Web Page: Hugh's Engineering Projects

Web Page: Hugh's Publication of Dr. Crandall's Memoirs

Web Page: Hugh's Link to the Friends of Peru

Web Page:  Where Hugh Lives

Web Page:  Hugh's Personal Page

Wayne Purdin e-mail address:

Web Page: Wayne's Spiritual Biography

Gary Ross-Reynolds Web Page: Gary's contribution to the APA's Parenting Committee
Faye Sahr
Tony Schriver
Rick Schweitzer and Janis Schweitzer e-mail address:

e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Rick and Janis Live

Web Page: Where Janis Teaches

Thomas Sheahan reported deceased (not confirmed)
Jack Schinstock e-mail address:

Web Page:  Where Jack Teaches

Web Page:   Jack's Faculty Biography

Karolyn Switalski
Donald Tate confirmed deceased
Michael Thompson and Rebecca Schwab e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Miguel and Rebeca live

Albert Tong
Charlene Truckey e-mail address:

Web Page: Where Charlene Teaches

Web Page: Charlene's husband - NASA SOFIA Program Manager

Web Page: Charlene's son - Musical Artist

John Watson e-Mail address:

Web Page: John's Faculty Biography

Web Page: John's Paper on Air Quality

Web Page: John's Presentation on Air Quality

Mary Weeks
Harry Welte e-mail address:  HWelte7418

Web Page: Where Harry lives

Robert Wolfeld and Rose Wolfeld e-mail address:

Web Page:  Bob's Gematria Page

Robert Wood
Peter Zeitler confirmed deceased