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This page contains jpeg's of photos taken during program implementions and photos of members of our engineering group.

LeoT LeoT
The world's first fully autonomous satellite ground terminal supporting low earth orbiting spacecraft.
LeoT LeoT Installation
The installation at Wallops.
The TDRS Ground Terminal in Canberra, Australia that closed the "zone of exclusion".
McMurdo McMurdo
A TDRS ground terminal in Antarctica to relay science data to White Sands, NM.
The Shuttle Forward Link upgrade to GRTS.
South Pole
	  Redevelopment South Pole Station
The electronics and communications suites for NSF's new South Pole Station.
ROCSAT Ground System Dog Day
Our September Bar-B-Q.

Holiday - 1
Photos from our holiday party..

NOAA Fairbanks Antennas
	  Upgrade Joe Kueberth's Retirement
Forty Years supporting NASA's worldwide antennas.
GRTS Management Retreat
Plotting our future.

Gil Skipper's Retirement
Thirty Years with ATSC supporting JPL.

Program Execution Program Execution
Strategy is easy - Execution is hard work.

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