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Information about AlliedSignal, some recent initiatives and contract wins, our engineering group, and what we look for in an engineer.

rated most admired aerospace company by Fortune magazine. AlliedSignal
AlliedSignal—a $16 billion company with 60,000 employees going strong!
AlliedSignal's CEO Larry Bossidy - 1
The CEO who turned AlliedSignal around with over 600% growth since 1992.
AlliedSignal Technical Services ATSC
ATSC - AlliedSignal Technical Services, our technical services division.
Consolidated Spaces Operations Contract with NASA CSOC Win - 1
We just won a new ten-year, $3 billion contract.
Teaching about space. CSLP
The Cooperative Satellite Learning Program - a partnership with NASA and local schools.
Not just Connections - Solutions. Datalynx - 1
A recent ATSC initiative bringing spacecraft flight control experience to commerical space.
Who are the heroes at ATSC? Risk
When was the last time you tried something new?
Our engineers are a hard nosed bunch. What we look for
...in an engineer.
At the end of the day - you bet on people. Program Execution
Strategy is easy - Execution is hard work.

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